How to use Zoom

Introduction of how to use Zoom

All the live streaming Pilates sessions are given on a simple online platform, Zoom. Please note that you must register IN ADVANCE for sessions. Read below in detail.

Through Zoom we can take our physical environments to a virtual reality. Zoom is accessible from your phone, tablet or computer. I will be scheduling meetings for each session which requires a registration. Before joining the meetings on zoom, you need to register with your e-mail (the one you have used to buy the ticket in my online-shop) and give some details such as your name and last name and your level. After picking a date and time of the class that you would like to participate in, you can secure your spot in the class and I will be able to track your attendance. It is very important for you to register before each class IN ADVANCE otherwise you will not be able to join the meeting and receive the unique link and password that is needed.

Step by step joining live streaming session on Zoom:

  • Buy your tickets in the online shop
  • Once you paid, you will receive a confirmation e-mail along with your Zoom registration links
  • Choose which level and at what time you would like to attend to
  • Register yourself of the level and time you want to on Zoom (You can register on multiple dates)
  • Then you receive a unique link to join the class which confirms your spot
  • Add the dates on your calendar if you would like
  • Download the free Zoom app for easy access